Hey there! I'm Sachkia, creator of WKND Mood and it's no secret, I'm excited that you're here!

I live on one of the most beautiful sets of rocks in the world, the British Virgin Islands. It is as picturesque as you can imagine a Caribbean island paradise - turquoise blue waters that kiss white sandy beaches, verdant green hills, summer weather all year round and a small community that greets one another with a loud good morning, afternoon or evening whenever we pass each other. 

Paradise also comes with a very active hurricane season from June to November each year. In September 2017 we experienced what was at that time, the worst hurricane in recorded history. In less than six hours those verdant hills turned into a devastating brown as trees bowed and broke against unbelievable winds. At the end of it, littered around the islands were the belongings and lives of residents. While we quickly cleaned up, our collective belongings burned in the open air for months!

From that experience, I sought to live a life that was more in harmony with the earth and I began to question some of my purchasing habits and attitude towards all of the things I had acquired and the life I was living. I Marie Kondoed my home and started really realizing how my personal choices affected the earth and my opportunity to be aligned and truly live out loud my values. 

WKND Mood is here to introduce the beauty and sustainability of linen loungewear to women wishing to make more conscious decisions about how we're shopping and the effects of our stuff on the planet. I love what I'm building with this brand, and I'm driven by a really strong ‘why’. So what is our why? It's simple, to help women slow down and reconnect with themselves and the earth through leisurely living, every day. I believe that connection and alignment from within are powerful in designing the life of your dreams and ensuring a less hostile planet for us and our children.

It's just that simple for me and I'm thrilled that you have are interested in WKND, I hope that we can inspire you to enjoy leisurely living, everyday.